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2016 Superhero Movies Ranked: ‘Deadpool’ To ‘Suicide Squad’

2016 Superhero Movies Ranked: ‘Deadpool’ To ‘Suicide Squad’

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Gone are the days when we had one or simply no superhero movie release in a year. All the classics we’ve grown up watching — Spiderman, Batman and X-Men surfaced in wide gaps over the years. Things have changed now. Like Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan’s outings, comic book movies are now as humongous and respectable. Their stature has grown to a significant extent. In 2016, we had 6 superhero films. And considering the scheduled lined up from the big studios Marvel, DC and Fox, it won’t be long before the number of comic book movies hit double figures annually. Speaking of 2016, we had three tentpole films — Batman V Superman, Captain America Civil War and X-Men Apocalypse. And three fresh entrants — Deadpool, Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange. Besides, we had extended editions of both the DCEU flicks. As fans debate and discuss their favorites, here’s my ranking of the 2016 superhero movies (worst to best).


7. Batman V Superman – Theatrical Cut

2016 superhero movies

Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice was the most polarizing film of the decade. While the critics panned it, the fans defended it. I thought the film was decent enough to kickstart the DC extended universe. We had a great Batman in the form of Ben Affleck and a fantastic cameo by Gal Gadot as the Amazon Warrior. But the horrendous editing marred the film extensively. Not only did it fail to express the thoughtful themes and psyche of the new-age Lex Luthor but also shoved logic behind the touted gladiator fight of the century. Sure Zack Snyder had a masterpiece under making (watch out for the Ultimate Edition) but the studio heads gloriously messed it up. Undoubtedly it’s at the bottom of our list.


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6. Suicide Squad (both editions)

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David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was supposed to get the DCEU going. Batman V Superman’s underwhelming box-office performance already put enough pressure on it to excel. But things got worse again for the studios when bad reviews trailed in abundance. More than even before. But the audience responded fairly positively. Suicide Squad surely had tons of problems that ranged from choppy editing to undercooked characters and a ridiculously constructed plot. But Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Viola Davis’s strong performances was its silver lining. Also, the peppy soundtrack was a saving grace. A month earlier we had the extended version of the film on the lines of Batman V Superman but it was nowhere an improvement over the theatrical cut. So we rank both the editions at the sixth spot. They entertained but not well enough.


5. X-Men Apocalypse

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It was always going to be a monumental task for Bryan Singer to top his previous and arguably the best X-Men outing aka Days of Future Past. With X-Men Apocalypse, he marginally succeeded in delivering a satisfying third chapter to the prequel trilogy. Aimed at expanding the X-Men universe by introducing the phoenix saga, the film worked for most part with Sophie Turner’s sublime portrayal as Jean Grey and Oscar Isaac’s chilling performance as the world’s first mutant.

However, the tried and tested subplots depicting the relationship of the older X-Men i.e. Magneto-Xavier and Hank-Raven imbued sheer boredom. If it wasn’t for Fassbender’s acting prowess, it would have been hard to endure the stupidly penned arc for the character. Nevertheless, it was entertaining enough with Evan Peter’s Quicksilver again stealing the show and giving us a good memory to take home.

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4. Doctor Strange

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Marvel’s Doctor Strange was a stunning piece of entertainment. Not only had it to carry the legacy of Civil War but also establish a solid benchmark for its new hero. And the film soared so spectacularly that we had our jaws drop to the floor. Thanks to the bonkers visual effects and the IMAX format. Every single niggle in the film got buried deep under its gloss. The film had the best VFX ever put on screen which was further amplified by the uniformly excellent performance of the cast and the gripping screenplay. Not for a moment could we predict what was going to happen next as the film moved at breakneck pace, packed with spellbinding action. My only quibble was its lack of character development and similarity with Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man. Overall, though, it was beyond awesome.


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