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Baby (2020) Review: Perfect End To A Provocative Series

Baby (2020) Review: Perfect End To A Provocative Series

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Baby Netflix: Fed up with their families and classmates, two teen girls from a wealthy part of Rome are drawn to the city’s underworld and start leading double lives.

Baby is a poignant and disturbing story of two teenage girls in a posh Rome school who get sucked into a vortex of sex and abuse. Based on a real scandal, it is an engaging drama told with empathy and sensitivity, and with compelling backstories that put in perspective the choices the girls had to make.

Both the lead protagonists, stunning Benedetta Porcaroli as Chiara and svelte Alice Pagani as Ludovica, are extremely talented actors who seize the opportunity and make this controversial rendition a compulsive watch.

Season 2 doesn’t disappoint either and lives up to its potential because of its powerful storyline and excellent cinematic quality but it is deeply disturbing. We see our girls, Chiara and Ludo, getting caught in a vicious downward spiral and it looks like there’s no respite or escape from there.

The chilling part is that most of this is due to their own making, though their fragile psychological constitution plays a big role. Their friendship is tested and it comes through, that being the only redeeming part of this true but sordid affair. They really have only each other and the outside world is caving in on them.

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Season 3 begins at a tepid pace and is a bit arduous to watch in the first few episodes but picks up subsequently marking almost a prefect end to this provocative series. The girls look for redemption, their loyalty to each other is once again put to a severe test in the denouement and what we see is a heartwarming demonstration of two teenage girls coming into their own, committed to their symbiotic bond, shaken but strong, facing the consequences of their actions and taking responsibility.

Finally, the series is about apathy and the role it plays in young people’s lives. You need a secret life to break out of the tedium of that soul-debilitating aquarium you are put in; and in your other life, when you are treated like an object, it makes you feel grown-up, for apathy epitomises the behaviour of adults in their picture-perfect world.

Explosive stuff that draws the viewer in.

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Eye-opening, in many ways, and a wake-up call for the poster families of urban utopia.

Where to Watch Baby: Netflix

Rating: 3.75/5

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