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20 Best TV Shows On Amazon Prime Video (Dec 2023)

20 Best TV Shows On Amazon Prime Video (Dec 2023)

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From Homecoming to Fleabag, here are the best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video right now.

If you’re anything like us, you know that sinking feeling of scrolling through endless streaming options, struggling to find the perfect show to watch. But fear not, fellow TV enthusiasts! We’ve got you covered with our carefully curated list of the best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video as of June 2023. From nail-biting thrillers to gut-busting comedies, our selections span across genres, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Amazon offers a vast library of content that caters to a wide range of tastes. No matter your viewing preferences, chances are there’s a show that’ll pique your interest and keep you glued to your screen for hours on end. From the breathtaking visuals of otherworldly sci-fi spectacles to the heart-pounding excitement of action-packed thrillers, Amazon Prime has some great television series. And if you’re a superhero fan, there’s no shortage of high-flying, crime-fighting adventures to be had on the platform as well. So without further ado, let’s dive into the best Amazon Prime Video series, that are sure to capture the interest of even the most discerning viewers.


Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video

1. Fleabag (2016-2019)

Image Source: Amazon

I’ve yet to come across a character like Fleabag, in life or in fiction. So, when I started watching Phoebe Waller-Bridge in this eponymous series, I didn’t know how to react to her or deal with her shenanigans. She is a maverick, unpredictable to the core, vulnerable but irritating, prone to guffaws at the drop of a hat, drops things as she picks them up, obsessed with having sex and more sex, almost broke, and broken. At first, it’s difficult to empathize with her (she’s so clumsy, maybe she deserves what she’s getting, you think) but slowly you step into her sad, lonely spaces and begin to see her for what she really is.

A well-meaning, good-hearted person who uses sex to get over her isolation, she puts up a brave, smiling front to fight the daily challenges that life throws at her. Her transgressions are more of a defense mechanism. It’s a tough world out there and except for her sister, for whom she even feigns a miscarriage, she is really on her own. She seeks an impossible love and I hope she finds it, even if it’s with a fox-fearing priest. Phoebe is such an awesome talent. Her script for Fleabag is sharp, and edgy and she plays the part with elan and a winsome attitude. Behind those vulnerabilities, beyond those deep chasms, lies a girl looking for love and approval. This coming-of-age comedy is outstanding television as life!


2. Catastrophe (2015-2019)

Image Source: Popsugar

Co-created by and starring Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, Catastrophe is a refreshing and hilarious take on modern relationships. The writing is sharp, witty, and unapologetically honest, frequently hilarious and strikes a chord with viewers. The characters feel like real people with genuine flaws and complexities. Sharon and Rob, portrayed by Horgan and Delaney, have incredible chemistry and their on-screen relationship is both believable and relatable.

The show delves into the ups and downs of their relationship with authenticity and humor. The series tackles the challenges of parenthood and the realities of adulting with humor and sensitivity. With each season consisting of only six episodes, Catastrophe is easy to binge-watch.


3. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017-2023)

Image Source: LA Times

The series, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, is known for its witty and fast-paced dialogue. The writing is clever, humorous, and full of delightful one-liners that keep you engaged and entertained throughout. Rachel Brosnahan shines as Miriam “Midge” Maisel, a 1950s housewife turned aspiring comedian. Her performance is as charismatic and energetic as her stand-up comedy. The supporting cast, including Tony Shalhoub and Alex Borstein, also deliver exceptional performances.

The show beautifully captures the vibrant and glamorous world of 1950s New York City. It skillfully balances comedy and drama, blending humorous moments with poignant and emotional storytelling. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (five seasons) explores themes of identity, ambition, and female empowerment, offering a refreshing and empowering narrative. Eventually, it successfully weaves together Midge‘s personal journey as a comedian with the challenges and triumphs of her personal life.


4. The Expanse (2015-2022)

Image Source: Rolling Stone

The sci-fi show is based on James S.A. Corey’s popular book series of the same name. It was bought up by Amazon when SyFy cancelled it after three seasons, post which three additional seasons were broadcast from 2019 to 2022.  Set in a future where humanity has colonized the solar system, The Expanse explores political rivalries, complex social dynamics, and the mysteries of the protomolecule, a powerful alien technology. The world-building is meticulous and engrossing, drawing you into its vast and intriguing setting.

The series weaves together multiple storylines and perspectives, following the journeys of various characters from different factions. We’re presented with an immersive sci-fi universe that offers a mix of political intrigue, space exploration, and interpersonal conflicts, keeping the narrative engaging and unpredictable. The Expanse features a talented ensemble cast, including Steven Strait, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Wes Chatham. It offers stunning visual effects, intricate set designs, and realistic space sequences.

Beyond its thrilling sci-fi elements, The Expanse delves into thought-provoking themes such as socio-political systems, colonization, and humanity’s relationship with technology. It offers social commentary and explores the consequences of our actions, making it more than just an action-packed space drama.


5. Happy Valley (2014- 2023)

Image Source: IMDb

Happy Valley is a crime drama set in the Yorkshire countryside, focusing on Catherine Cawood, a strong and resilient police sergeant played by Sarah Lancashire. The series tackles dark and gritty subject matter, including kidnapping, drug abuse, and violence, resulting in a gripping and intense narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Sarah Lancashire delivers a powerhouse performance as Catherine Cawood. Happy Valley stands out for its realistic and gritty portrayal of life in a small community and the challenges faced by law enforcement. The series delves into complex social issues and examines the impact of crime on both victims and perpetrators, providing a nuanced and thought-provoking perspective.

It strikes a delicate balance between intense crime drama and emotional character exploration. The show tackles dark and challenging subject matter, including kidnapping, drug abuse, and violence, but does so with a sensitivity that never sensationalizes or trivializes these issues.


6. Bosch (2014 – 2021)

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Image Source: Moviepilot

Bosch delivers a gripping and immersive crime drama experience. Loosely based on Michael Connelly’s bestselling novels, this Prime Video series follows the life and investigations of Harry Bosch, a relentless and morally-driven LAPD detective. The TV show brilliantly captures the dark and gritty atmosphere of Los Angeles, providing a perfect backdrop for its intriguing mysteries and complex characters.

Titus Welliver remarkably portrays Harry Bosch as he brings depth, intensity, and authenticity to the character. The writing is top-notch, offering intricate storylines that keep you engaged and guessing until the very end. The pacing is well-balanced, allowing for character development alongside thrilling crime-solving.

One of the standout aspects of Bosch is its attention to detail and commitment to realism, making the police procedural aspects feel authentic and grounded. The ensemble cast is noteworthy, with memorable performances from supporting characters. With its intelligent writing, compelling performances, and gritty atmosphere, Bosch a must-watch for fans of the genre and anyone who appreciates well-crafted storytelling. Its seventh and final season premiered in June 2021. 


7. Good Omens (2019-2023)

Image Source: British Comedy Guide

The series stays remarkably true to the spirit and humor of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s original novel. Fans of the book will appreciate the care taken to preserve the unique charm and wit that made it a cult classic. The series revolves around an unlikely duo, an angel named Aziraphale (played by Michael Sheen) and a demon named Crowley (played by David Tennant), who form an unlikely alliance to prevent the end of the world. The chemistry between Sheen and Tennant is exceptional, and their performances anchor the show with their wit, charm, and impeccable comedic timing.

The production design and visual effects bring the fantastical elements of the story to life. The attention to detail in creating the quirky and vibrant world of Good Omens is truly impressive, immersing viewers in its whimsical universe. The writing is sharp and clever, staying true to the spirit of the source material while also adding its own visual and narrative flair.


8. ​​A Very English Scandal (2018)

Image Source: Variety

This mini-series is based on real-life events surrounding the Thorpe Affair, a scandalous political scandal that shook British society in the 1970s. The series expertly weaves together elements of politics, scandal, and personal drama, making for a compelling story. Hugh Grant delivers a career-defining performance as the charismatic and scandalous Jeremy Thorpe, while Ben Whishaw shines as Norman Scott, his vulnerable and resilient lover. Their chemistry and nuanced performances bring depth to the characters.

The series is written by Russell T Davies, known for his masterful storytelling, with director Stephen Frears at the helm. The combination of Davies’ sharp writing and Frears’ skilled direction results in a gripping narrative that balances humor, suspense, and social commentary. While the series delves into a scandalous political affair, it also explores themes of power, homosexuality, and societal expectations. It sheds light on the struggles faced by LGBTQ+ individuals during that time and the corruption within the political system.


9. The Underground Railroad (2021)

Image Source: BBC

The mini-series is based on Colson Whitehead’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and tells the story of Cora, a young enslaved woman’s harrowing journey to freedom. The historical fiction tackles the difficult subject of slavery with raw honesty and emotional depth, offering a thought-provoking and impactful narrative.

Directed by Barry Jenkins, known for his visually striking work in Moonlight, the series showcases breathtaking visuals and meticulous attention to detail. The cinematography is both evocative and immersive, enhancing the storytelling and capturing the essence of each scene. The cast delivers exceptional performances, with Thuso Mbedu as Cora leading the way. Mbedu’s portrayal is emotionally captivating, capturing the resilience and strength of her character.  The show takes creative risks and employs innovative storytelling techniques, resulting in a profound and unforgettable viewing experience.


10. The Sopranos (1999-2007)

Image Source: The Guardian

A crime drama with strong undertones on themes like family, mental illness, gender roles, and so on, The Sopranos was truly one of a kind. Instead of adhering to the traditional, dramatized life of a mafioso we usually see in movies, The Sopranos gave us a look at the everyday life of an ordinary mobster living in the suburbs with his family. James Gandolfini stars as Tony Soprano, an Italian-American gangster who struggles to balance life as a family man whilst running a criminal organization. Regarded as the greatest piece of American pop culture in the last few decades, The Sopranos is definitely one to add to your list.


11. Downtown Abbey (2010-2015)

Image Source: Vox

This British period drama focuses on the politics and personal lives of an aristocratic British family in the early 1900s. The TV show brushes past certain historical events such as World War 1 and the sinking of the Titanic, but it is essentially a soap opera of the highest quality. With intelligent storylines surrounding the characters, the show provides a solid emotional backbone for its narrative. The Crawleys aren’t done yet, however, with a movie coming out later this year.


12. The Man in the High Castle (2015-2019)

Image Source: EW

Based on Phillip K. Dick’s award-winning novel, The Man in the High Castle is an alternate version of US history depicting how different things would have been if Nazi Germany and Japan had won the Second World War.

A stirring show, high on imagination, The Man in the High Castle offers thought-provoking entertainment. It runs eloquently throughout the season without ever derailing from its central plot. The production is top-notch with characters that are multi-dimensional and vastly memorable. The detailing is commendable too as it provides a closer, meaningful look at the events of World War II.


13. Homecoming (2018-2020)

Image Source: Vanity Fair

This limited series begins at a languorous, rather tepid, pace and taxes your patience; the plot, unexpectedly simple and linear, rolls out reluctantly, but Julia Roberts, in a dour and almost-not-there kind of performance, elevates this drama, adapted from a podcast, to a different level. Such is the power of a star act!

Watch it for Julia Roberts’ self-effacing performance. When she comes into her own, she makes you believe in the impact of the understatement. Was it underwhelming? Oh, no. It’s different by design. And you come home to subliminal execution. (By Sanjay Trehan)


14. Transparent (2014-2019)

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Image Source: Amazon

Transparent is about the journey. It’s almost meditative. There are five people in this family, each of them going through their own journey. The mother, abandoned at the precipice of old age. One child, who learns his childhood abuse by a teenage babysitter has resulted in a son who’s a strapping teenager. Another who realizes she’s Bi, and divorces her husband of years. And finally, the youngest, who’s discovering what’s it like to be a lesbian. As many F-ups as you think can be there.

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But Transparent transcends everything — gender identity, family dynamics, tragedy, and everything else in between. More than anything else, it’s as acute an examination of the human condition as you can find. You’ll see familiar faces from TV and Hollywood, playing roles you’ve never thought of. In ways that are new, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable at times. 


15. Sneaky Pete (2015-2019)

Image Source: Vox

Marius Josipovic (Giovanni Ribisi) is a con man recently released from prison who assumes the identity of his former cellmate, Pete Murphy, in order to escape from crime boss Vince Lonigan (Bryan Cranston). The show, which was co-created by Cranston, features some fantastic performances, especially from Margo Martindale (The Americans), as well as Cranston himself. But more than the acting, the show‘s well-written narrative is what stands out the most, and makes for a great watch.


16. Mr. Robot (2015-2019)

Image Source: USA Today

A techno crime thriller about a young programmer, who lives a double life. A cyber-security engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night. Things get nasty when a mysterious leader of an underground hacker group hires him to wipe out the company he is paid to protect. If the premise isn’t impressive enough, Rami Malek’s performance will make up for it. As a perspicacious programmer, he’s a treat to watch in this highly suspenseful show, that’s thrilling from start to finish. It offers spooky yet equally wonderful locations of New York City while keeping full focus on its watertight script, its biggest USP.


17. The Wire (2002-2008)

Image Source: SFGATE

The Wire was the Game of Thrones of its generation. No other show managed to capture the various faults of the entire system – political, judicial, and educational – in such brutal fashion. There was a fine line between good guys and bad guys. The show made us realize how far the infrastructure had collapsed, and whether it would be possible to repair it. Each character, gangster or cop, from Jimmy McNulty to Stringer Bell had smartly written, complex storylines that resonated so well with the general narrative. The first couple of seasons weren’t given much recognition, but by the time the show ended, critics and audiences alike viewed The Wire as one of the greatest TV shows ever made.


18. The Boys (2019-Present)

Image Source: Vulture

The show brings you face to face with a gritty reality – never meet your heroes. You may hold certain expectations from them that they might not be able to stand up to. The uniqueness of The Boys lies in the fact that despite being a superhero show, it is not about superheroes. It just uses supes as a device to tell the story of a normal, average individual. The human nature of inherent selfishness and lust for power combines with an infinite capacity for destruction in this heart-wrenching and soul-churning version of reality. It subverts all authorities and conventions and gives us the raw and ugly truth about ourselves in the purest form it can.

One of the finest Prime Video originals, The Boys is a reality check, a mirror of reality that is laid bare for us to decipher. It is a triumph of the metaphor and the metaphysical art form. It is an unending gala that does not stop at the last shot or scene but continues on as we live through our lives for the rest of eternity as long as the vile creature called humanity exists.


19. The Good Doctor (2017-Present)

Image Source: Sony Pictures

Being a bit of a hypochondriac, I never thought I would enjoy a medical drama but there you go. I loved this outstanding series about a young autistic-savant surgeon who is short on communication skills and EQ but whose sheer brilliance and insights help save many lives.

Freddie Highmore (of the Bates Motel fame) as Dr. Shaun Murphy is vulnerable, unpredictable, and uncommunicative in the conventional sense but he rises above these limitations and works many a miracle in a San Jose hospital’s surgical unit. I loved the series because it both humanizes and deifies the medical community and lays bare their competencies and chinks, making them relatable and endearing. The pace is engaging and there’s a lot of human drama with compelling side stories.

The series has a top-notch cast that performs admirably. Nicholas Gonzalez, Antonia Thomas, Christina Chang, Hill Harper, and Paige Spara as bubbly Lea, essay their roles to perfection. Highly recommended if you have the stomach for medical stuff. (By Sanjay Trehan)


20. Boardwalk Empire (2010-2014)

Steve Buscemi’s career-defining role as Nucky Thompson, tyrannical kingpin of Atlantic City at the height of Prohibition. The pilot was directed by Martin Scorsese, and a Sopranos producer joined in to fund the project. Boardwalk Empire got off to a flying start. With its attention to historical accuracy as well as the show’s characters, led by the charismatic Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire is every Scorsese fan’s wet dream, with the show’s visual style inspired by the show’s pilot.



There we are! These are some of the best shows on Amazon Prime right now. If you’re done with the above, check out Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018-2-23, 4 seasons), The Americans (2013-2018), animated series Undone (2019-2022), Outer Range (2022-Present), and Daisy Jones & The Six (2023-Present). What did we miss out on? Tell us in the comments below.


By Mayank Nailwal, Aditya Sarna, Sanjay Trehan


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