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Lights, Camera, Intern! 14 Best Film Internships [2024]

Lights, Camera, Intern! 14 Best Film Internships [2024]

best film internships

Whether you dream of calling “action” on set, conjuring worlds through animation, or telling stories that captivate, the right internship can catapult your career from the cutting room floor to the credits rolling on the big screen. And if you’re puzzling over how to get an internship in the film industry, you’ve just found your treasure map! From Disney to the Cannes Film Festival, we’ve culled out some of the best internship programs, the eligibility criteria for each and how to get cracking with your application! 

As a newbie in the entertainment industry, finding the best film internships can be crucial to your career prospects. They give you a chance to gain practical experience in the field/a film set, help you create a strong portfolio, and start building a network that will take your career to the next level. By participating in internships relevant to their media studies, students can gain invaluable hands-on experience in the industry.

Classroom learning can only take you so far, but being an intern gives you real-world experience, as you work alongside experienced professionals and learn about various aspects of the film production world.

Some of these internships are paid, while others offer internship credits, which means you get paid while you learn and add to your CV. Quickly then, here are the best internships, from screenwriting to production, editing to film festivals. Let’s roll!


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Screenwriting Internship

1. Television Academy Foundation Internships

Television Academy Internships
Source: Television Academy

The TV Academy offers 28 different screenwriting internship categories, making it one of the biggest and most well-rounded film internships available to an aspiring writer. Their paid internships cover animation, comedy, and drama, so aspiring movie writers are sure to find something that suits their career passions.

The Television Academy Foundation has jump-started the careers of many leading directors, producers, and executives who have gone on to win Emmy Awards and enjoyed huge success in the industry.

Criteria: To apply, you must be a full-time student pursuing an associate, bachelor, or graduate degree at a college or university in the United States. Fall and Spring internship opportunities are only open to students enrolled in colleges or universities in the Greater Los Angeles area.

How To Apply: Write a 300–400-word professional statement and send it alongside your resume, transcripts, and a letter of recommendation from a faculty sponsor. Apply here. Applications for fall close on May 15.


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2. NBCUniversal Internship Programme

NBCU Internship
Source: NBCU

Because NBCU offers remote and on-site internship positions, you don’t have to be local to Los Angeles or New York City to qualify. This film internship will allow you to gain valuable real-world experience and work closely with experienced people in the industry by contributing to big NBC projects.

This program gives interns a paying wage and a chance for budding writers to work directly with media brands like Telemundo, Bravo, and NBC. They run internships throughout the year and across the USA, as well as their iconic New York hub.

Criteria: To be eligible, you must be enrolled as a sophomore or higher at an accredited institution pursuing an associate, bachelor’s, or graduate course relevant to the responsibilities.

How To Apply: See here the many internships on offer at NBCUniversal and apply via the website.


3. Academy Gold Rising – The Black List Internship 

Black List Internship
Source: The Black List

The Black List internship is part of Academy’s Gold Rising Program, an eight-week internship that sees students working alongside the industry’s most exciting names. The Black List is renowned for its list of the industry’s most liked unproduced screenplays.

Interns can gain access to weekly industry panels, exclusive networking events, workshops, screenings, and mentorship opportunities with Academy members. It’s ideal for those looking for a future career in a behind-the-scenes role within the film industry.

Criteria: You must be over 18 and currently enrolled in an accredited college or university on track to graduate in 2024 or 2025. You must also be located in Los Angeles.

How To Apply: Submit a resume and a cover letter here.

NOTE: Here’s a list of all other internships that are part of the Academy’s Gold Rising Internships 2024.


Animation Internship

4. Disney Animation Studio

Disney animation internships
Source: Walt Disney

Disney Animation Studio offers several for-credit, paid summer positions for students with a passion for filmmaking, graphic design, and technology. Each internship lasts 12 weeks and includes craft-based mentorships, collaboration with other students and professionals, and network events.

The Studio offers internships for those still in school and an apprentice program for recent graduate students. If you’re a budding filmmaker, this opportunity could help you understand how to use animation to tell your story.


Criteria: To be an intern, you must be over 18 years old and enrolled in a post-high school educational program.

How To Apply: Disney offers internships throughout the year, keep an eye on their careers page. We recommend signing up to the newsletter to know of upcoming intern roles.


5. DreamWorks Internship

Source: Dreamworks

DreamWorks offers students and recent graduates the chance to work alongside artists and storytellers in film and TV. This is an ideal internship experience for people looking to gain professional development in 2D and CG. Spend time in a range of departments where you can gain experience in everything from animation production to development, as well as image finaling.

The internship is open three times a year: The Spring semester, Summer semester, and in Fall. These paid internships are ten weeks long and are offered remotely and/or on a hybrid basis. Get hands-on guidance and experience from one of the world’s most respected animation companies.

Criteria: Candidates must be pursuing an Associate, Bachelor, or Graduate degree or have graduated within the last six months.

How To Apply: Film internship Summer 2024 applications ended on March 8. The program runs June 10 to August 16. Keep track of upcoming deadlines here.


Film Editing Internship

6. Ace Internship Program

Source: American Cinema Editors

Every year, the American Cinema Editors Internship Committee chooses two interns and offers them the chance to shadow the editing rooms of films, TV shows, and an unscripted show for one week.

As an intern, responsibilities include visiting several post-production facilities to learn about sound stages, VFX, and labs. Learn what editors are expected to deliver during the project, be mentored by experienced editors in the business, and assist directly across a range of production departments. The ACE editing program starts in October and lasts four weeks. The two selected interns will be paid for attending the video production program in either New York or Los Angeles.

Criteria: To be an intern, you must be at the start of your filmmaker career in editorial and have graduated at the time of the internship, which starts in October.

How To Apply: Send your resume, a letter of intent, two letters of recommendation, and a $100 application fee. Find out more here. Applications for the ACE Internship Program start May 1st and continue until June 30th annually.


Film Festival Internship

7. Cannes Film Festival

Source: Vox

Get hands-on experience at one of the world’s most important film festivals. Cannes Student Programs will allow interns to get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest events on the film calendar, learn about managing events and programming, and enjoy access to industry roundtable events.

The internship runs every May. You will need to pay $4,395 to take part, but this fee includes accommodation, access to exclusive social events, airport transfers and an industry-only festival badge.

Criteria:  You must be over 18.

How To Apply: You will need to send a current resume, college transcripts, and a non-refundable application fee of $55. Candidates are encouraged to apply early, as spots go quickly. See here for more information on applications.


8. Palm Springs Internships

Source: Palm Springs International Film Festival

The Palm Springs International Film Society accepts interns on a rolling basis. This film festival internship will help you learn about the film industry and understand event organization and business management.

This role requires a minimum of 20 hours per week for six weeks. You will receive a $2,000 stipend for completing the internship. Each season, the Film Society invites a new group of interns to learn and assist in putting together two major international film festivals and other events throughout the year.

Criteria: Interns will need to prove they have college coursework or experience relevant to the role.

How To Apply: Fill out the application form on the website.


9. Austin Film Festival

Source: Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Festival offers a range of student and volunteer roles for those interested in gaining insight and experience in the film industry. The film festival is renowned for championing screenwriters, filmmakers, and creatives.

This internship will give film students foundational skills in planning, public relations, social media, and working with a team. They also offer volunteer roles for those looking to gain occupational and professional experience. Unlike other internships listed, this is an unpaid job, but you could earn credit hours and gain experience as an intern.

Criteria: If you are applying for a student internship and seeking academic credit, you will need to provide proof of your school’s internship requirements.

How To Apply: Complete the application form on the website and send in your resume.


Production Companies Internship

A film production internship will require a strong degree of multi-tasking and an ability to function in a fast-paced environment. Interns will be able to sink their teeth into the day-to-day operations. 

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10. Paramount Summer Internship

Paramount internship
Source: Paramount

Paramount’s Summer Internship Program is a fully immersive and paid program. Speak to industry experts, network in a field you have a passion for, and workshop your resume. You will also learn about films and television on the job, accessing unique chances to work on-set and access group mentorship.

This internship has been specially designed to help students nail interviews and strategize their future careers. Their summer program is hybrid – with a mix of in-person and virtual roles.

Criteria: You must be a college junior, senior, or a master’s student to intern with the company. MBA and JD internships are also available.

How To Apply: Apply via Paramount website.


11. A24 Internship

a24 internship
Source: A24

The company behind Everything Everywhere All At Once, Talk to Me, Uncut Gems, Midsommar, Lady Bird, HBO’s Euphoria, and more hire summer and fall interns. The production company offers a range of internships; an ideal candidate would be a film student looking for experience in development, video production, and publicity in the film and TV world.

A24 offers both in-person and remote internships in Los Angeles and New York City. These production roles are considered part-time role, so you will be paid for your time commitment to the media production company.


Criteria: An interest in film, TV, and general pop culture or studying a relevant course.

How To Apply: Check out their Jobs & Internship page for application submission details. The summer internships open in January and usually fill up quickly.


12. Monkeypaw Productions Internship

Monkeypaw Internship oscars
Source: LinkedIn

Founded by Get Out director Jordan Peele, Monkeypaw Productions creates thought-provoking projects across film and television. They offer an eight-week internship that includes access to weekly panels, networking events, mentorship schemes, and workshops.

Monkeypaw offers a range of different intern roles throughout the year, covering different departments of production. This Los Angeles-based internship will help film students better understand how a project gets made. Responsibilities at the company will include supporting coverage of TV and film writing, taking notes in meetings, and understanding target audiences.

Criteria: You must be over 18 and a rising college junior or senior studying relevant classes.

How To Apply:  Submit a cover letter and a resume here.


13. Warner Bros. Reach Honorship Program

Warner Bros internship
Source: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. offers Honorships, a range of internships and scholarships, ideal for graduating high school seniors interested in the film industry. These Honorships offer business or production/studio operations tracks, so you can assist in post production, research, sound editing, content development and more.

The honorship previously offered a $5,000 scholarship towards college fees, access to an internship supervisor, and professional development roles.

Criteria: You must be a graduating high school senior in Burbank or Los Angeles County, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 upon graduation, and plan to attend an accredited education institute.

How To Apply: Recruitment for the Reach Honorship Program is temporarily paused for 2024 but will be open in Summer 2025.


14. Sony Pictures

sony pictures internships
Source: Sony

Sony Pictures offers a host of seasonal paid experiences to allow film students to build their resumes and develop their media skills. The internships cover all areas of the entertainment industry, including marketing, post production, graphic design, research, and digital marketing.

The recruitment team begins to post internships two or three months before the start of each season: September (spring season), February (summer season), and June (fall season). Some internships are hybrid, while others are fully in-person.


Criteria: You will need to be working towards a degree relevant to the internship and have good transferrable skills, including verbal communication skills.

How To Apply: Apply for an internship via the Sony Pictures website with your resume and a cover letter.


Wrapping Up

The above are only a few of the several internships available for film students. Other notable ones include Park Artists Group Atlanta Film Society,  The Peter Roth Internship Program @Paley. If you have a strong interest in film and TV, have excellent communication skills, can work in a team and, a film internship could be a fantastic way to get experience and start taking steps towards your future.


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