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Ghoul (2018) Review: This Netflix Horror Series Is A Let Down

Ghoul (2018) Review: This Netflix Horror Series Is A Let Down

Ghoul Netflix Review

Ghoul is a bizarre, pretentious horror-drama set against the futuristic backdrop of a totalitarian India where thought control is the order of the day and religious vivisection is at play.

There are too many convoluted strands operating together in this Patrick Graham’s three-episode horror thriller and add to that a terrorist form-shifting ghost! Seriously, Radhika Apte needs to be more choosy about the roles she takes. She’s a far better actor than this.

After the stupendous Sacred Games, Netflix original Ghoul is a huge let down. I wonder what the director was smoking!


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Most actors look jaded, some even constipated, and the lead actor is wasted.

The script struggles to make sense of it all, so conjures a demonic sleight of hand. I mean, how outlandish can you get?

Sorry, Ghoul, you failed to terrorise, entertain, engage or impress me with your histrionics and hyper-melodrama. Horror. Terror. Rabid jingoism. National protection. Thought control. Subterranean structures. Pre-Islamic Arabic mythology. It was too much for me to handle!

I would grant you this though: it was a daring attempt. And I would love to benefit from a contrarian view.

By Sanjay Trehan


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