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Natalie portman romance movies

20 Best Natalie Portman Movies, Ranked

Natalie Portman is one of the most talented and accomplished actresses of the 21st century.…

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movies like gone girl

12 Movies To Watch If You Liked Gone Girl

From Les Diaboliques (1955) to Deep Water (2022) here are 12 movies like Gone Girl for thriller fans.…

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20 Best Kristen Stewart Movies, Ranked

From Personal Shopper (2016) to Clouds of Sils Maria (2014), we rank the best Kristen Stewart…

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The Best Animated Movies Adults Too Can Enjoy

Animation movies have always been popular choice for filmgoers, niche and mainstream. From Pixar masterpieces…

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pink movie theme

Pink (2016) Review: Razing Patriarchy

Pink (2016) addresses one of the most pressing yet often disregarded challenges facing our society…

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upcoming horror movies

16 Exciting Upcoming Horror Movies [2022, 2023]

From The Menu to Shelby Oaks, these are all the upcoming horror movies we’re keeping…

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