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16 Best Sites To Watch Latest Movies For Free

16 Best Sites To Watch Latest Movies For Free

(Updated: February 2, 2021) For long, torrents were the go-to haven (and probably still are) for cinephiles. But with hordes of streaming platforms springing up on the back of the popularity of Netflix and Amazon Prime, here are some legit, decently priced OTT options to consider:

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1. Netflix

Surpassing 200 million subscribers (paid) early this year, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms worldwide. And without the intervention of the Censor Board, the choice to exercise creative liberty is a boon for filmmakers to reach out to a wider audience.


Netflix subscription:

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Image Source: Netflix



2. Amazon Prime

With 150 million subscribers worldwide, Amazon Prime boasts five times more titles than Netflix. While numbers alone don’t guarantee quality, there are some great offerings, both films and TV shows, from the platform, originals and otherwise.


Amazon Prime subscription:

The site offers a 30-day free trial once you sign up. Post that, you’re given access to all the content for Rs 129/month or Rs. 999/year.

3. Disney+ Hotstar

Hotstar offers both free and premium content. You won’t need to register for free content. With the inclusion of shows like Game of Thrones, sports programmes like the IPL and the English Premier League, Hotstar is the most subscribed-to OTT in India, with 400 million active users.


Disney+ Hotstar subscription:

You can avail Hotstar VIP at Rs 399/year and the Premium plan for Rs 1,499/year or Rs 299/month.


4. SonyLIV

Spanning entertainment and sports, SonyLIV covers both original and outside content. The platform’s popularity is steadily on the rise for its live sports coverage (UEFA Champions League, Formula 1 etc.) as well as its recent foray into original/exclusive web content. Scam 1992 recently became the highest rated show on IMDb.


SonyLIV subscription:

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Image Source: SonyLIV


5. Zee5

Fighting competition from the bigger international players, Zee5 is slowly but steadily building big on its local content library. After launching in 2018, the platform has amassed over 76 million subscribers. It gives you access to both film and local TV content.


Zee5 subscription:

Yo can avail ZEE5 premium plan at Rs 99/month OR Rs. 299/3 months OR Rs 999/year for films and TV shows.

The Zee5 Club includes only TV content (including live TV) for Rs 365/year.



It devotes itself mainly to independent international art films and classics. Featuring quality cinema, Mubi offers some of the best films you probably won’t find elsewhere. It’s a one-stop destination for all indie lovers out there.


MUBI subscription:

MUBI offers just one package, which costs $10.99 with the option of a free trial for the first week. You can watch a handpicked selection of 30 films, which will change each month. That’s one new film per day.


7. iTunes

Apple extended its iTunes Store service to India in 2012. You can either buy or rent films here. From the latest releases to the classics, you can look up films across genres. Besides Bollywood, it also offers regional content – Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi.


iTunes subscription:

Most movies (HD quality) are available for rent between Rs 80 – Rs 150 and for purchase between Rs. 90 – Rs. 290. Very few Hindi titles are priced upwards of Rs 290.


8. Eros Now

Eros Now allows you to watch the latest movies and old Hindi films, regional films, TV shows and music. There is limited content available for viewing as part of the free subscription.


Eros Now subscription:

Their two monthly plans offer ad-free, unlimited content. They come with discounts if availed on a yearly basis.

Eros Now Plus is available for Rs 49 a month

Eros Now Premium can be bought for Rs 99 a month


9. Voot

Viacom 18’s streaming service offers online access to films and shows aired on its network of channels including Colors, Nickelodeon, MTV. Like Hotstar and Zee5, it offers content in multiple languages like Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati and Tamil. Launched in early 2020, Voot Select estimatedly crossed 5.6 lakh paid subscribers.


Voot subscription:

Its premium content can be accessed for 99/month or 499/year. 


10. Hulu

This American streaming service isn’t available worldwide. However, with the simple use of a VPN, you can also gain access to one of the best overall streaming services out there, with its diverse range of movies and shows available.

With a strong library of classic movies and shows, Hulu also provides a wide range of live streaming channels, for sports, news and entertainment purposes.

Hulu expanded its service to Japan back in 2011. However, when Disney acquired 21st Century Fox in November 2018, they announced their plans to expand the service to other international markets. So there is a strong possibility of having Hulu in India in the foreseeable future.


Hulu subscription:

Hulu provides two payment plans: the first for $5.99 per month (with a free trial for 1 month) and a second which includes Live TV streaming, for $44.99 per month (with a free trial for 7 days). Channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX and STARZ are available as add-ons.


11. Spuul

The Singapore-based movie portal houses a whole lot of Bollywood films. You can watch some of them for free without registering on the site. There is very limited regional and TV content for now. If you were into the 90s TV shows, Malgudi Days, Fauji and Dekh Bhai Dekh are up on Spuul.


Spuul subscription:

The entire catalogue is accessible for Rs 99 a month, or a yearly subscription of Rs 999 a year.

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12. BigFlix

With a catalogue of over 2000 films, BigFlix lets you watch hindi as well as regional content. A 10-minute preview of the film is available without signing up on the site.


BigFlix subscription:

The premium content can be accessed at Rs 50/month.


13. Hungama Movies

It gives you free and paid access to over 6500 films, Bollywood and regional.


Hungama Movies subscription:

At 99/month, you get access to the entire store. There’s also an option to rent films.


14. YouTube TV

Instead of featuring original content like most services, YouTube TV serves to change your cable subscription completely by offering live TV across news, sports and entertainment channels from more than 85 television networks.


YouTube subscription:

Available for $49.99 per month, it uses a cloud-based service, so that you never run out of storage. However, it is available only in the United States. Nothing a good ol’ VPN can’t sort.


15. Vimeo

Vimeo is an ad-free video viewing platform. It provides video services similar to YouTube.


Vimeo subscription:

But since it’s ad-free, it supports itself with optional charges ranging from $7 per month to $99 per month. The different prices provide different amounts of storage and a varied number of live viewers on a given team.

You can always start with the basic version that will provide you with a good assortment of videos to watch. Most of these videos are selected quite meticulously to provide you the best in quality across genres.


16. Google Play Movies and TV

Google Play Movies and TV is a video-on-demand service. It allows its viewers to purchase or rent movies and TV shows in a digital format. Latest releases and hits in many different languages are available on the platform.


Google Play Movies and TV subscription:

The price for renting or purchasing depends a lot on the availability, popularity and overall quality of the movie or TV show.

You can start using it just by downloading it from Google Play and signing up.


What do you think about these? Which out of these has been the best viewing experience for you? What other platforms would you recommend to watch latest movies? Let’s talk in the comments below.

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