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The Best Star Wars Planets To Live On, Ranked

The Best Star Wars Planets To Live On, Ranked


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Perhaps the most recognisable opening lines to any film franchise, the Star Wars Galaxy is actually home to a cluster of over 400 billion stars and 3 billion habitable systems with countless planets and species orbiting around a massive black hole. 

With so many seemingly available choices, we embarked on a quest of our own to identify which planets in the Star Wars universe are liveable and may serve as a hospitable refuge should the future of the Jedi be entrusted to a new planet. 

Below are our rankings for the most inhabitable Star Wars planet starting with the least inhabitable.


11. Alderaan

Alderaan star wars planet
Image Source:

Alderaan, once covered in grassy plains, mountains and vast water bodies, was known to the Galaxy as the planet of beauty. Its cities were delicately designed to maintain balance with their natural surroundings and its people were known for their philosophy of pacifism, even shunning weapons in times of galactic conflict. 

Destroyed by the Death Star due to its ties with the Alliance, what remains of Alderaan today is only an asteroid field. 

Is Alderaan a liveable planet?

Well there isn’t much to live on anymore. However, if the planet had continued to exist, its natural beauty and culture meant it would have been considered one of the best planets to live on in the Galaxy.


10. Mustafar

Mustafar star wars planet
Image Source:

Once a garden planet, Lady Corvax’ attempt to return her husband back to life transformed Mustafar into a fiery volcanic world by disrupting Bright Star, its nourishing artifact. It is believed that inhalation of rising fumes from deep underground lava lakes leads to visions of fear and doubt amongst individuals ultimately driving them to insanity. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, Mustafar’s unstable gravimetrics subject it to frequent earthquakes allowing lava to push through the surface in volcanic hotspots even visible from space. The atmosphere is hot and ash laden with toxic air necessitating the use of a breath mask. 

Despite its hostile conditions, Mustafar is home to several strange species that have adapted to the planet’s devastation by developing resistant exoskeletons and feeding on its crust.

Is Mustafar a liveable planet?

The heat alone will kill you so no, Mustafar isn’t a particularly exciting prospect. Should you manage to get your hands on a heat suit which, by the way, you’d have to keep on at all times, reaching the planet could be a hazard in itself with lightning storms and unpredictable cyclones set to welcome your ship. 


9. Hoth

Hoth Star Wars planet
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Glaciers and frozen icy plains cover the planet Hoth, while the oceans envelop the rest. Frigid and devoid of intelligent life, it is surrounded by several moons and home to deadly predators called the wampas. 

Is Hoth a liveable planet?

Account for the occasional meteor strike, vast remote expanses of ice and snow, and the dangerous wampas and there isn’t much to discuss here. 

Overheard on Hoth for the still curious. 

Sir, the temperature’s dropping too rapidly.

―A deck officer, to Han Solo

That should settle it. 


8. Tatooine

Tatooine star wars planet
Image Source: Terry Hess

The homeworld of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, Tatooine is a harsh desert planet in the Galaxy’s Outer Rim. A lack of sufficient water means the planet cannot sustain vegetation and a large population. Those who remain draw water from the atmosphere via moisture farms. 

Once believed to be covered in lush jungles, frequent sandstorms and scorching day time temperatures from two suns warrant residents to keep their skin covered for protection. Slavery, once banned under the Republic is now brazenly practiced in Tatooine’s cities overrun by black trade amongst smugglers and criminals.

Is Tatooine a liveable planet?

Tatooine’s difficult terrain and hostile climatic conditions make life very difficult here. Moisture farming or dealing in scrap are the only way to earn a livelihood. And endless desolate patches of sand don’t leave room for much sightseeing. The two suns won’t do much good for your skin either. No wonder then that Tatooine features this low on our Star Wars planet ranikings. 


7. Mandalore

star war planets
Image Source:

Home to the Mandalorians, a proud warrior people, Mandalore’s surface has been left uninhabitable after centuries of prolonged warfare. Recognising the devastation caused by unending conflict, a faction of the planet’s citizens shunned violence and constructed insulated domed cities as Mandalore’s ruined environment grew increasingly toxic.

Is Mandalore a liveable planet?

Mandalore continues to be an enigma of a planet. The domed cities don’t help, shrouding the activities of their residents in mystery. Although the New Mandalorians are a peaceful people having witnessed for themselves the destruction of their planet by war, we can’t be sure of their living conditions inside those walls. 


6. Dagobah

Dagobah star wars planet
Image Source: The Force Unleashed 2

A remote, swamp covered planet, Dagobah served as a refuge to Jedi Master Yoda during his exile after the Jedi Order fell apart. The planet is mostly covered in mysterious lakes and lagoons scattered with misty caves teeming with life. 

Dagobah has two seasons, dry and wet. The parched heat of the dry season calls for the migration of resident lifeforms to lower lands where they can find water where they remain until the wet season. 

Is Dagobah a liveable planet?

There isn’t much to do in Dagobah but there isn’t a lot to worry about either. No earthquakes or volcanoes for example and a largely forgotten world. In an interview with Betway casino, Matt Hudson puts it:

To me it’d be like going to the Amazon – you know the risks when you go there. Would you live in the Amazon? No, but I’d certainly visit.


On the other hand, it is strong with the dark side of the Force, so you may become corrupted. Plus there’s snakes everywhere.


There’s not an awful lot wrong with it, but not an awful lot right with it either.

Agreed Matt, agreed. 


5. Coruscant

Coruscant star wars planet
Image Source : Erel Herzog

Considered the original homeland of humanity, Coruscant’s one trillion human and alien citizens reside in towering skyscrapers amidst diverse cultures in this city planet. A perhaps future rendition of New York city taken to its extremes. 

Its strategic location promotes Coruscant’s importance as the hub of galactic finance, culture, art and technology, and several important landmarks like the Jedi Temple and Senate Building. Its galactic coordinates read 0-0-0 despite the planet not being the geographical centre of the Galaxy. 

On Coruscant, wealth increases with elevation; the lowest levels are inhabited by mysterious creatures and lawless settlers leading up to thousands of blocks lived in by billions of middle class workers. The planet’s richest reside on the highest levels – level 5127 and thereabouts where even the air they breathe is filtered in contrast to lower levels where the air is contaminated with industrial fumes.

Is Coruscant a liveable planet?

Coruscant isn’t the best planet to live on mainly because of its hierarchical air supply system and unreliable climate conditions. It is subject to unpredictable weather patterns that don’t make for great living even though Coruscant has it’s own weather system. Unless you’re in the top 1%, you’ll find yourself jostling for space amongst a billion occupants who breathe the same contaminated air from the factories below. 


4. Kashyyyk

Kashyyyk star wars planet
Image Source:

Kashyyyk, a forest planet, is homeworld to the Wookie species. Its cities like Kachirho were built around the planet’s wroshyr trees. Dangerous animals and carnivorous plants lurk in its wilderness.

Chewbacca actually lived on Kashyyyk with his family before joining Han Solo on his adventures. Matt has a little more to say: 

It looks lovely. There are plenty of beaches to relax on if you want a bit of peace and quiet by the sea.


If you want a bit of alternative culture, the Wookiees are there. They’re also strong craftsmen and carpenters, so if you have good relations with the Wookiees you’re going to have decent lodgings.


If you can get on the Wookiees’ good side, I think Kashyyyk could be pretty cool to live on. If you get on their bad side, you’ve got an entire planet of 8ft tall, hairy wrecking machines that will tear you to pieces.


There’s also a lot of strange species – massive spiders and huge slugs, but overall I think the pros outweigh the cons.


Is Kashyyyk a liveable planet?

Kashyyyk seems like one of those planets that may not seem to offer a lot but don’t have a large downside either. Something of a safe bet. A perfectly circular orbit does mean that Kashyyyk has no changing seasons. So, if you like variety in your wardrobe, this isn’t for you. 

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3. The Forest Moon of Endor

Endor star wars planet
Image Source: Simon Edwards

Technically a moon, the Forest Moon of Endor is the gravesite of Darth Vader and the empire itself. This important detail boosts its prominence in the Star Wars universe. If not for this, it would’ve only been known as the forest home of the Ewok species. 

Home to giant mountains, lush savannas and dense woodlands, Endor’s atmosphere is hospitable to humans. 

Is Endor a liveable planet?

Well, Matt puts it pretty nicely, 

If you love a bit of nature, you’re living the dream.


You can get plenty of exercise, I’d imagine there’s nature trails, a lot of climbing, a lot of running through the forest. And there’s the notoriety of being the planet that the second Death Star blew up over.


At the same time, there’s nothing of any real value there for the bad guys to come and try to take over the planet. There’s nothing there apart from trees and Ewoks, so I think it’s a safe place to live.


The major con is those Ewoks. They will murder you in cold blood. They’re vicious little things.


They were going to burn Han Solo and Luke Skywalker alive on the spit until C-3PO called it off. It was burn first, ask questions later.


You made your point Matt.  


2. Bespin

Bespin Cloud City star wars
Image Source:

An immense gas giant located in the Anoat sector, Bespin has two moons but no habitable land or water on the planet making it one of the only completely gaseous planets in the universe. The planet’s mostly human population resides in Cloud City, a man-made colony floating in the clouds 59,000 kms above Bespin’s core.

A gambler’s paradise, the top 50 levels house luxurious casino resorts that alongside touristic sightseeing tours contribute significantly to the economy. The lower levels of Cloud City descend into accommodation for workers engaged in mining the much sought after tibanna gas. 

Is Bespin a liveable planet?

Not a bad place to live in if you enjoy the odd gamble and don’t want to worry about the weather. Scenic views, sunsets that last 2 hours and a mostly human population. It promises everything. Be sure to have some savings in the bank or the planet could run you dry. Gamblers stay away from calling this place home; a visit is at your own peril. 


1. Naboo

Naboo star wars
Image Source:

Diverse landscapes, lush plains, grassy hills, wet swamps and lakes make up peaceful and idyllic Naboo’s surface. Home to a naturally occurring plasma that is harvested to be used in building material and considered the key to Naboo’s bountifulness. 

Naboo’s culture cherishes art and has several schools to encourage the pursuit of music and performance arts. 

Is Naboo worth living on?

There’s plentiful in its natural beauty and culture. Naboo’s cities display a classical architecture style and provide recreational activities for everyone. Led by a humane monarch, Naboo is an easy choice to place first in our rankings for the best planet to live in the Star Wars universe. 

But don’t take my word for it. 

If I grew up here, I don’t think I’d ever leave.

―Anakin Skywalker, about Naboo


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