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13 Glaringly Unmissable Bollywood Movie Bloopers

13 Glaringly Unmissable Bollywood Movie Bloopers

Bollywood movie bloopers

Making a movie is no small task. It requires a lot of hard work and as much spirit. People who are involved in the creation of a film must give it their all only to make something that is watchable. That is doubly true for movies that are actually good and well-made. But more often than not, it happens that some bloopers, minor or otherwise, deceive the eyes of all involved and make their way into the final product. We all remember the Starbucks coffee cup incident in Game of Thrones. But these things happen more often than we would imagine. Here are some of the most embarrassing Bollywood movie bloopers:


1. Lagaan 

One of the most iconic movies in Hindi cinema, Lagaan actually had quite a bit of historical inaccuracy in it, notwithstanding the fact that the story, in itself, was fictional. Now, the film is set in 1892. But back then, six balls in an over didn’t exist. There was no such rule. It only came much later, decades after. Until then it was only 5 balls an over.


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2. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

In Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Farhan Akhtar’s character, Milkha Singh sings the iconic song, nanha munha rahi hoon. The movie is set in the 1950s. The song was featured in the movie Son of India which came out in the year 1962. So, not the best song choice, I’d say.


3. pk

Here’s an interesting factual fallacy that was overlooked by the perfectionist himself and of course, the entire team of the film. We all remember the great emotional scene of Jaggu calling the Pakistani embassy in Bruges only to be redirected to her long lost lover. Well, there is no Pakistani embassy in Bruges.


4. Ra.One

Right off the bat, this movie was not a very good one. But it did make a hilarious blunder. Shah Rukh Khan’s character in the movie is a South Indian Hindu. When he dies, he is put in a coffin and cremated. Ok, I can actually swallow that. But later on, we see his wife, Kareena, dropping his ashes in a water body. The ashes of a buried man are being dropped. Heights of oversight! The man didn’t get peace in death. He was buried. Then he was dug out of the ground. What did they say? “Sorry, buried by mistake?” Then he was burned. Then his ashes had to disappear into the wind. Goddamn, that shitty logic.


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5. Krrish

The first Krrish was and will always be the only good Krrish movie ever. I am not claiming it to be something marvellous but it was fairly watchable. But this too, wasn’t without flawed logic. The father of the main character was in Singapore for 2 years before their son was born. How did that happen?


6. Pyaar Ka Punchnama

I loved this movie for its amazingly funny true-to-life comedy style. I couldn’t help but notice, though, one fatal flaw. Well, maybe it’s not so fatal. In the opening scene, the three friends arrive at a Dhaba on their bike. When they leave, they take a jeep.


7. 3 Idiots

This was among Aamir Khan’s best films. But somehow, several mistakes made its way into it. Here’s a minor one. A simple character entry issue. The character we are talking about is Suhas. He was already inside the wedding venue. But later on, he is seen rushing in through the front entrance. Teleport much?

Ofcourse, there are plenty more goof-ups in 3 Idiots. A viral video on the internet claims 84!


8. Kai Po Che

The movie tells us of a world engulfed in the extremely dangerous and tragic Gujrat riots of 2002. Now, the news channel they use to broadcast the event is Headlines Today. Here’s the kicker. Headlines Today was launched in 2003.


9. OMG! Oh My God!

Another good movie, OMG! Oh My God! had its share of flaws. The curious case of the mysteriously changing logo. ABP News logo as it is in its current state, appears in the televisionised portrayal of the in-movie news. But the reporters of the same news channel carry around microphones which are labelled under the old Star News banner. It doesn’t ruin anything. It’s just mildly annoying.


10. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Bollywood bloopers
Image Source: topyaps

DDLJ is a cult classic. So, this sort of oversight is hard to accept. The second half of the movie is shot mostly in Punjab. But the railway station here is marked as Apta. Apta is located in Maharashtra.


11. Amar Akbar Anthony

A classic film starring Amitabh, Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna can do no wrong. But in this one, the wrongdoing was of comical proportions. The three sons were supplying blood to their mother, wait for it, simultaneously. Yes, three people pumping their blood into an old woman all at once. Amazing she survived that!

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12. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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Image Source: letstalkaboutbollywood

A harmless continuity error which might have gone unnoticed by many but didn’t escape our eyes.

Katrina sees off Hrithik in a pink tee. Right after, she rides a bike to follow him. In a red top. Glaring and funny for those of us who did notice but that doesn’t take away from a great film.


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And here’s a classic.

Sholay mistakes
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Thakur ke haath in Sholay!


But this is just a trailer. I’m sure there’re several more. Feel free to add to the list in the comments below or tweet us at @flicksidem!

By Deepjyoti Roy


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  • Bruges is a town in Belgium and there is a Pakistani embassy in Belgium. You can’t expect a consular office in each main city of a capital – never happens that way.

  • Movie Good Newzz they showed Akshay and Kareena fly to Bombay to attend some family function where Akshays sister asks him to go visit doctor. Later in the movie when Moni(Kiara Advani) has labour pain Akshay and Kareena take her to same hospital which is in Bombay driving all the way down. I didn’t understand first they had to catch flight to reach Bombay now they just drove from there house to Bombay.