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1 Minute With ‘Autohead’ Director Rohit Mittal: 15 Rapid-Fire Questions

1 Minute With ‘Autohead’ Director Rohit Mittal: 15 Rapid-Fire Questions

Director Rohit Mittal

His debut feature Autohead, traveled across major international festivals garnering acclaim before releasing on Netflix worldwide. Director Rohit Mittal’s sophomore effort, Megalopolis, an allegorical film is yet another proof of his artistic brilliance. (For the keen, it’s streaming on Youtube). Mittal is one of the few indie voices defying stereotypes with his unconventional form of storytelling. His third, a crime thriller Popcity is due for an OTT release this month. 

He’s crackling, fun and fearless as he takes on Flickside’s 15 rapid-fire questions. Read on!


1. What are you watching right now?

Films of Peter Greenaway


2. I can’t wait to watch…?

Dune (2020)


3. The last good film/web series you saw?

Lux Æterna by Gaspar Noé


4. A film you wish you had written/directed?

Possessor (2020) by Brandon Cronenberg


5. An overrated filmmaker?

Alfonso Cuarón


6. One thing you hate about being a filmmaker? 

Being nice to people all the time…


7. If not a filmmaker, you would be…

An architect


8. A book you’d recommend…

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley & The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse


9. A book you’d want to make into a film?

Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky


10. A film that was better than the book?

There Will Be Blood


11. A film you’d pick up on a dull day?

Dazed and Confused/Dil Chahta Hai 


12. A movie critics/audiences’ loved but you hated?

There are so many but Roma by Alfonso Cuarón

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13. What do you look for in an actor?

Intense eyes, confidence and truthfulness


14. A weird/unlikely place you found an actor for your film?

I was shooting for a short film and I found some kids playing in the location. I took them in the film.


15. The best Indian film you’ve seen this year?

Aamis by Bhaskar Hazarika. It’s shocking, a very rare unusual film to come out of India. Loved the concept and the writing.


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