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1 Minute With Sudhish Kamath: 15 Rapid-Fire Questions

1 Minute With Sudhish Kamath: 15 Rapid-Fire Questions

Filmmaker Sudhish Kamath

Film critic and independent filmmaker Sudhish Kamath has subverted stereotypes with his unconventional style of storytelling. ‘After Four-Letter Word’ (2006), ‘Good Night Good Morning’ (2010), ‘X – Past is Present’ (2014), Kamath is all set for a theatrical release of his fourth film Side A Side B, along with several other projects in the pipeline.

Today, for Flickside’s ‘1 Minute With’ series, Kamath has some quick, witty and candid repartees to our fun, fiery rapid fire!


1. What are you binge-watching right now?

‘BoJack Horseman’


2. I cant wait to watch…

‘The Irishman


3. The last good film/web series you saw?

‘The Family Man’ on Amazon Prime


4. A film you wish you had written/directed?

Imtiaz Alis ‘Rockstar’ (2011)


5. A book youd recommend

‘The Spirit of Lagaan’ by Satyajit Bhatkal


6. A book youd want to make into a film?

‘Gujarat Files’ by Rana Ayyub


7. A film that was better than the book…

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ (2008)


8. If a film was made on your life, who do you wish would direct it? 

Cameron Crowe, though it would be a dream come true to just see him directing any film. Hes said hell make sure I hang at the sets of his next film. So I cant wait for him to start.


9. A film that changed your life?

‘Say Anything’ by Cameron Crowe. It keeps me anchored to who I am deep within. Lloyd Dobler.


10. A film youd pick up on a dull day?

Tropic Thunder (2008)


11. If you woke up as an actor one day, who would it be?

Sacha Baron Cohen

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12. What are you working on right now?

A mainstream Bollywood dramedy, a sitcom and the sequel to ‘Good Night Good Morning’ (2010).


13. A film critics/audiencesloved but you hated?

Ive stopped watching films that dont intrigue me since I quit my day job but if I had to pick one, ‘Uri’ (2019) with the bloodthirst it manufactured and overstated the PMs involvement.


14. A film that should’ve never been made…

RGV Ki Aag


15. An underrated filmmaker?

My friend Nalan Kumaraswamy doesnt get enough credit but hes one of the finest filmmakers of our times.


Bonus – The best film youve seen this year?

Quentin Tarantinos ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.’ Theres so much to study in the storytelling but at a more basic level, a kid grew up to recreate a vivid childhood memory and got to play with the events that transpired in the most cathartic revisionist way that reminds us why we go to the movies. To escape the grim realities of life.


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