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7 Soulful Lyrics From Bollywood Songwriter Irshad Kamil

7 Soulful Lyrics From Bollywood Songwriter Irshad Kamil


5. Aaoge Jab (Jab We Met)

best bollywood lyrics irshad

The beauty of Irshad’s work lies in creating words in context with the visuals. Geet’s journey through this song is completely contradictory to the words which celebrate meeting your sweetheart. And yet they make sense. Ustad Rashid Khan’s voice brings alive the hopefulness of the lyrics and Kareena as Geet goes from being a cheerful girl to a despondent woman. The isolation of waiting for lover’s return is amalgamated with a girl’s unreciprocated love.

Irshad understood that the lyrics just need to reflect the story rather than explain every nuance. Less is more.

Best lines:

Chanda ko taaku raaton mein
Hai zindagi tere haanthon mein
Palkon pe jhilmil taarein hain
Aana bhari barsaaton mein

Sapnon ka jahaan
Hoga khila khila
Barasega saawan


6. Kun Faaya Kun (Rockstar)

kun faya lyrics best rockstar

There is a fine line between isolation and being different from the world. Rockstar hovers around this line and Irshad Kamil’s sufi lyrics were the perfect tools to explore it. Janardan/Jordan’s perception of the world is completely misunderstood by everyone around him. He is seeking the divine god’s refuge since only he can answer his questions. Jordan gets some of his answers.

Sajra savera mere tan barse
Kajra andhera teri jalti lau

The morning showers (blessings) rain on me
And it cleans up the dark soul of mine which is like the darkness of the night

Yet he is unsure of his path but has now surrendered to the almighty and music.

Tu hai mujhmein samaya,
Kahaan leke mujhe aaya,
Main hoon tujhmein samaya,
Tere peeche chala aaya,

(You are in me,
Where have you brought me
I have given myself to you,
In your footsteps I follow)

Irshad’s lyrics evoke the feeling of divine blessing even in an agnostic person like me. Hat’s off to you, sir.


7. Bulleya (Sultan)

irshad kamil lyrics bulleya sultan

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You’ll get the genius of Irshad Kamil and understand this song after you read this little story about Bulleh Shah. 17th century Sufi Punjabi poet Bulleh Shah was, in his young days, under the tutelage of a Murshid (teacher). Once his Murshid was really angry at him and decided never to talk to Bulleh Shah again. Bulleh Shah in order to persuade his Murshid wore ghungroos on his ankles and danced crazy wearing a woman’s attire.

Irshad’s lyrics take inspiration from this story as Sultan tries to get back the love of his life by requesting her forgiveness. He is willing to go as crazy as Bulleh Shah.

tu bole to ban jaaun main
main bulleh shah saudai
main bhi naachoon..
mai bhi naachoon manaoon sohne yaar ko
chaloon main teri raah bulleya
main bhi naachun rijhaaun sohne yaar ko
karoon na parwah bulleya

(If you say, I’ll become
crazy Bulleh Shah.
I’ll also dance,
I will dance too and placate my beautiful beloved.
I’ll walk your path O Bulleh Shah.
I will dance too and placate the beautiful beloved.
and not care (for the world) O Bulleh Shah).

I could be reading too much into this but the thought of going crazy for love seems to be oddly fitting for an actor/personality like Salman Khan. The situation, actor, music and Irshad Kamil all converge with their best in this lovely song.

By Shridhar Kulkarni & Rima Fernandes


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