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One Punch Man Season 3: All You Need To Know

One Punch Man Season 3: All You Need To Know

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It is an exciting year for anime fans; Yoshihiro Togashi announced the end of the hiatus of Hunter X Hunter, Fire Force was renewed for season 3, and One Punch Man will be returning for a new season under a new production company. After almost three years of waiting and disappointment from the last season, fans are ecstatic to learn that the overpowered protagonist will be seen once more on the small screen. They’re looking forward to seeing One Punch Man Season 3 with J. C. Staff out of the picture.

The news has also been released by Crunchyroll, the official online streaming partner of OPM. Sadly there’s no additional information about the studio or the staff who’ll handle it. We are still awaiting updates from their official Twitter handle and website. And even though details for now are scarce, the confirmation alone is a significant victory for fans. 

As of today, all we have are speculations from fans and anime gurus. Given how there are still so many things to address, people expect to hear the good news around the third or fourth quarter of next year. 

For now, let’s rejoice that the uncertainties regarding the renewal of OPM have been cleared. We will once again see Saitama and the other heroes in action, hopefully with better animation.


When Is One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date?

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The well-loved anime series started last 2009 as a webtoon by One, the same artist behind Mob Psycho. It quickly gained a following and wasn’t long before it received a manga remake and an anime series. Its popularity also led to the development of mobile and console games. 

Around mid-week of August, Yusuke Murata shook up the anime Twitter community, teasing them with a huge announcement of the return of the popular anime title with season 3. After a while, credible accounts and news sites confirmed the news. As of now, there are only speculations of the supposed One Punch Man Season 3 release date. As we wait for it, let’s have a quick recap and review of the past season.


One Punch Man Season 1 Recap, Review

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The series tells the story of Saitama, an OP character who can defeat his enemies with a single punch. It gives us a short glimpse into the power of Saitama and his journey toward becoming a full-pledge hero.

While some people may think that his power is nothing short of magnificent, the bald hero feels otherwise. He feels unmotivated by the lack of challenges. 

His life changes after meeting Genos, a cyborg who is short of a proper understanding of how society works. While Madhouse took the helm of the animation of the first season, we certainly can’t deny how its success largely depends on the contribution of Shingo Natsume.

Not a lot of people are aware that the production of Season 1 involves freelancers that aren’t parts of Madhouse. These creative individuals were impressed by the works and imagination of Shingo Natsume, which encouraged them to be a part of the team.

Most characters of the series are memorable; the amazing voice actors did their job extraordinarily. The gimmicks match with the crazy costumes and the bizarre signature moves separate it from the rest of the superhero animes today.

There’s a perfect balance between the hilarious comedy and the tension which smoothens the flow of the story. While the character of the main protagonist appears too basic due to how overpowered he is, it seems somehow forgivable knowing how impressive and well-written the story is.

The hard work put into the animation of the first season is commendable and we’re hoping to witness that again on One Punch Man Season 3.


One Punch Man Season 2 Recap, Review

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If season 1 left us with so many expectations, Season 2 was a tragedy. While the elements that we learned to love are still present in the second season, i.e., the campy heroes, the breathtaking fight scenes, and funny moments, the animation will make you ask if you are watching the same title.

Season 2 focused on the introduction of a new antagonist, but it didn’t stop there. There were also highlights on the less prominent heroes such as Tank Top and Mumen Rider.

While the Season 1 ending satisfies you, the second season’s ending feels disconnected. It just looks like the ending of one of its regular episodes. There’s nothing grand or exciting about it.

Part of the reason for a lackluster Season 2 is how amazingly the first season was animated. You can definitely feel the love of the creator behind this. It became a victim of its own success, I guess.

Due to some reasons, Madhouse had to decline the offer to produce the series; the responsibility fell on the hands of J.C. Staff. After a while, the trailer dropped which received a backlash from anime fans.

The outlandish face animation, stilted movement, and awkward composition destroyed hopes that it’d live up to the first season. 

One Punch Man revolves around the philosophy of having a purposeful life. It speaks to people who have so many things in life and are yet unsatisfied.

 It also features intense battles between the protagonist and antagonist, and insane comedy. The animation is too substandard. It appears as though the animators are too lazy to create a compelling fight scene and decide to cut it short just to get it all done.

The core element is still there, but it’s horribly conveyed. Hopefully, Season 3 One Punch Man will be able to bring back the lost glory.


When is One Punch Man Season 3 Coming Out?

As of today, all we have are speculations regarding the release date. It took almost three years before the confirmation of the new season due to the pandemic that has affected the schedules of the production.

Most of the creative teams behind this are also too busy. For instance, Shingo Natsume, who was involved in the first two seasons, is currently working on another title.

Therefore, we may have to wait until he is fully rested to handle the production of the new season. Also, the studio that will take over the animation has not been confirmed; fans online have been wishing that Studio Bones will handle this.

It’s also difficult to tell when we get to see the much-anticipated One Punch Man Season 3 trailer. It may take a while because they’ve yet to find a studio to head the animation project. 


What to Expect in The New Season of One Punch Man

Naturally, the show will still feature the heroic battles of Saitama and his growing group. We are also excited to see the other heroes in action like Atomic Samurai, Zombieman, Metal Bat, Child Emperor, and Bang.

Fans are also excited about the development of Garou’s story. While it is still far to start the One Punch Man Season 3 release date countdown, new visual content was posted together with the announcement.

It was drawn by Chikashi Kubota and features Saitama and Garou. So, we are speculating that Season 3 will revolve around these two characters.


What Studio Will Handle the New Season of One Punch Man?

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Now that the great evil has been defeated (J. C. Staff), time to look for the next potential candidate. If you look at the new recruits, fans might consider MAPPA. It has produced several amazing anime such as the final season of Attack on Titan, The God of High School, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Chainsaw Man.

Another possible candidate that I’ve already mentioned above would be Studio Bones. This choice makes sense since it is also the mind behind the animation of Mob Psycho. While some may think that it is a shot in the dark since Bones has so many things on its plate, OPM would be a worthy addition to their portfolio.

Lastly, since Madhouse has already showcased what they could do, in the first season, fans want to see them again back in action. As the animation studio that put OPM on the radar of anime fans, they’ve been the favored choice of many. Who do you think should helm the third season of One Punch Man and why? Tell us in the comments below.

While waiting for the One Punch Man Season 3, fans still have so much to look forward to. We have the upcoming live-action motion picture directed by Justin Lin. OPM will soon join the ranks of big anime titles that received a live-action adaptation. Let’s just hope that they will be faithful to the story. The manga is also ongoing and will soon reach its 200th chapter. So, if you want some advance reading or you want to catch up, check the latest chapter of the manga.

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