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Mostly Sunny (2016): Candid, Unabashed Sunny Leone

Mostly Sunny (2016): Candid, Unabashed Sunny Leone

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Mostly Sunny documents the life of one of the most successful adult film stars turned Bollywood actress. The Canada-born, American-bred Karenjit Kaur Vohra entered the adult film world with the name ‘Sunny’ at 19. She chose it (which happens to be her brother’s name) in haste when she was asked to pick a stage name.

Director Dilip Mehta’s documentary might seem like a cursory biographical take but does justice for its 90-minute runtime. It mostly delves on the choices Sunny made and their personal and professional impact on her and her family.

It was almost a year after she entered the adult film industry that her parents really knew what she did for a living. Dealing with the truth and the fact that Sunny was adamant on her choices, would have been anything but easy for a conservative Indian family. Her mother descended into alcoholism and father eventually died of cancer. Whatever little emotional familial support she had, came from her brother Sunny Singh Vohra.

Sunny’s relatives from Sarnia, Ontario, where she was born, refused to be part of the documentary. Only a family friend came up and spoke on camera. She, too, stayed zip-lipped on Sunny’s profession.

Unapologetic of her choices and undeterred, Sunny rose to become one of the most popular and highest paid adult film stars. She forayed in India with Big Boss in 2011, entering Bollywood a year later. Her debut film sank. But it was the song “Baby Doll” that turned around her professional career.

Sunny had enough films and endorsements to keep her solidly busy for the next two years. Even though she found acceptance in India, deep down she was aware how she was perceived.

As far as the film fraternity goes…. I think they’re very curious about me… but I’m not really a part of their group.


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She clearly doesn’t disavow her past but that’s not an image she wants to maintain. Sunny, the entrepreneur, has instead cleverly cashed in on it and her Indian roots to build a brand and make money.

I don’t know what my legacy will be… but one thing I was good at was turning a quarter into a dollar.

Mostly Sunny is now available for viewing on Netflix.


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