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7 Facts About The Vampire Blockbuster ‘Twilight’

7 Facts About The Vampire Blockbuster ‘Twilight’

Twilight facts

In this Valentine’s Day edition of Legend Has It, we’ll sneak behind the scenes of the vampire love story Twilight, whose bloodstained teenage romance rocked audiences and spawned four successful sequels.  

When your boyfriend sucks out the venom, you know it’s true love. Or so says the 2008 blockbuster hit Twilight. A pop culture phenomenon, a vampire-loving cinematic powerhouse like none before it, Twilight is still talked about today. Its two young stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, positively ruled. Then that foggy Pacific Northwest, with its mammoth green trees, downright lured us in like a dream (or nightmare?). And finally, the idea of a handsome 108-year-old vampire who looks like a teenager falling in love with an angst-ridden human high schooler, well, as the saying goes, “That’s the fire.” Audiences fell hook, line, and sinker (or bloodsucker?).

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and human Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) prove that love can be dangerous but also worthwhile. Then sprinkle in a few kindhearted fellow vegetarian “vamps” similar to Edward (i.e., Edward’s family members), and human Bella knows she’s protected. Well, almost. We’ll forgive the newest vegetarian, Jasper, who almost eats her.

Part “high school romance” with all its adolescent moodiness, cliques, and cool music, and part “dark romance” (um, is it okay to have a boyfriend who’s a vampire?), Twilight was beautifully dark, sparkly, and more than a tad sweet. (Spoiler alert – the movie’s climax takes place in Bella’s old childhood ballet school. Sugary!) Which leaves us to question, “What’s the full ingredient list that makes Twilight so delicious?” Now there are a ton of delectable ingredients and fun facts out there for Twilight, but here are some tasty, candy-heart, Valentine’s Day favorites.  


7 Lovely Dark Facts About Twilight

1. It’s All In The Eyes

Many Twilight lovers, and Kristen Stewart fans, know that Stewart had to wear dark contacts throughout filming the five Twilight movies. Her eyes needed to be brown, not her natural green. But, what about the many vampires in the movies? Turns out the different contact shades of the vampire eyes reveal their diets. Vampires with red eyes drink human blood. Vampires with golden eyes are vegetarian. But important notes – all vampires are born with red eyes, and all vampires who are extremely hungry have black eyes. (How brilliantly foreboding. But if you’re human, run!)


2. The Setting Is Truly Soggy

Legend has it that the author of the hit Twilight books, Stephenie Meyer, researched the perfect setting for a young vampire romance that is reliant on dark fog and rain (to help protect vampires from appearing sparkly in that hot bright sun). Cue Forks, Washington. Yes, it’s an actual place. And it’s indeed one of the rainiest places in the USA. Revision to #1 on this list – if you’re human, first grab the umbrella, then run!


3. The Sweet Dream Became A Sweet Nightmare

Author Stephenie Meyer says her love affair with characters Edward and Bella all came out of a dream. But what dream? Cut to the purple-flowered meadow scene when Bella learns of Edward’s truly frightening, bloodthirsty identity, but she doesn’t flee. Instead, Bella lounges back in that green grass “sofa of love,” and their “going steady” officially commences. The image of a placid meadow will surface numerous times throughout the Twilight films, harkening brilliantly back to the author’s initial dreamy inspiration.       


4. Even An Apple Can Be Vampire Romantic

Cut to the iconic cafeteria scene near the movie’s opening, where the two not-yet-lovebirds Edward and Bella exchange an apple. Well, sort of. Bella’s foraging for food at the buffet bar (which Edward would never do since he never eats human food). She then accidentally drops the apple, wherein Edward swiftly and charismatically saves it from the dirty floor. He then cups it tenderly in his hands. High school chivalry. But what’s striking about this scene is its popularity with viewers. Beyond the fact that the state fruit of Washington is the apple (nice “setting tie-in” there), the apple becomes a symbol of this vampire’s empathy to a human. What’s more, given that the apple rocks the color red (the color of blood), viewers are subliminally touched by Edward’s kind, almost sacrificial act. Many moviegoers cite this scene as one of their Twilight “romantic faves.” Yes, a vampire with an apple can be romantic. The apple also pays homage to the 2005 Twilight book cover.

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5. A Scorpionic Release

Twilight hit theaters on November 21st, 2008, which is under the Greek/Roman astrological sign of Scorpio. Broadly speaking, Scorpio is considered the most mystical, dark, and sexy of the 12 astro signs. An auspicious and thoroughly appropriate release date for Twilight? Absolutely. Interesting note – three of the four Twilight sequels would also be released under the Scorpio sign.


6. The Sequel Was Approved Right Away

Many film buffs know that the Twilight book was optioned as a movie even before the pages hit bookstores, but on a similarly ambitious note, the sequel to the Twilight movie was given the go-ahead just one day after Twilight opened. Looks like movie execs knew a sure thing.  Let’s bring on 2009’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Fan cheer!                     

7. Stewart and Pattinson Would Be Open To More

Twilight fans, sink your fangs into this one, because Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have not ruled out the possibility of reprising their infamous characters someday. Wait, really? Yes, last but not least, the loveliest, darkest piece of delectable trivia is this. We might not have seen the last of Bella and Edward. From “Legend Has It” to you, Happy Valentine’s Day.


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