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1-Minute With Filmmaker Sandeep Mohan: 15 Rapid-Fire Questions

1-Minute With Filmmaker Sandeep Mohan: 15 Rapid-Fire Questions

Filmmaker Sandeep Mohan

Here’s introducing you to your favourite filmmakers and folks from the industry through our quick and fun ‘1 Minute With’ series involving 15 rapid fire questions, starting today. Watch out for this space as we get you up close and personal with some of the most talented and beautiful people in cinema. We start with indie filmmaker Sandeep Mohan who also turns 45 today.

His first three films — ‘Love Wrinkle-Free’ (2011), ‘Hola Venky’ (2014), ‘Shreelancer’ (2017) were warmly embraced by critics. His unconventional style and flair for storytelling have found emotional resonance with audiences. Nirmal Anand ki Puppy, his quirky fourth feature is due for theatrical release at the end of this year.


1. The last good film/web series you saw?

‘Nebraska’ (Director: Alexander Payne. Yes, it’s been a while!)


2. A film you wish you had written/directed?

‘The Man Who Loved Women‘ (Director: Francois Truffaut)


3. A book you’d recommend?

Tennis player Andre Agassi’s autobiography ‘Open.’


4. Toughest thing about being a filmmaker?

The PR and marketing that an independent filmmaker has to do to sell his film. It feels very manipulative.


5. Maximum retakes you’ve done for a shot?

15-20, when working with a couple of people who had never acted in life. In the mountains during the shoot of ‘Shreelancer.’ Am glad with the result though 🙂


6. If a film was made on your life, who do you wish should direct it?

Woody Allen (but why would he?) 🙂


7. A film you’d pick up on a dull day?

‘Midnight in Paris’ (Woody Allen)


8. If not a filmmaker, who would you be?

Something to do with the world of sports.


9. What makes you happy? 

When I finish the first draft of my screenplay and it reads reasonably good.


10. The last film you saw?

‘Day for Night’ (Truffaut)


11. Dream destination? (since you travel quite a bit with your films)

Berlin (I went there recently for a film festival). Paris too, only after I learn French though!

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12. What do you regret not having done yet in life?

Have not got an opportunity to work with Scarlett Johansson! Some day for sure… Have heard dreams come true.


13. A weird/unlikely place you found an actor for your film?

A taxi driver named Baba Peter. Very interesting person. He was dropping me to Goa Airport when I went there for Recce. Cast him later in ‘Love, Wrinkle-free.’


14. What do you look for in an actor? 

Good communicative eyes and someone who is professional enough to arrive for meetings on time. Also someone who is willing to trek along with me anywhere without fear. So, essentially someone who trusts me totally.


15. A tip for aspiring actors?

Protect your eyes and don’t sell your soul that easily.


Bonus: A birthday resolution, as you turn 45?

I will try to work more out of Goa beaches than Mumbai Cafes… let’s see.


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