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14 Best Tamil Movies Of 2019: Netflix | Amazon Prime | Hotstar

14 Best Tamil Movies Of 2019: Netflix | Amazon Prime | Hotstar

best Tamil movies of 2019

It was surprisingly and unfortunately a no-show for Tamil cinema at this year’s National Awards. But 2019 saw some beautiful films from the Tamil film industry, which deserve their due recognition. There have been some quality films — both popular and experimental/less-explored genres the year had to offer. Here are the 14 best Tamil movies of 2019, all of which are streaming on Amazon Prime/Netflix/Hotstar. 


1. Peranbu

Director: Ram

best tamil movies of 2019
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Peranbu is a heartfelt, humanist masterpiece that holds a mirror to our sad reality. It deals with real issues that directly or indirectly threaten the lives of those the society doesn’t consider ‘normal.’ The movie revolves around a father and his daughter, who is inflicted with cerebral palsy and chronicles their journey through a world that is against them only because their orthodox mentalities deem them to be dangerous. So ensues a series of betrayals from those they called their own, those they believed in and of course those who opposed them from the beginning. Peranbu is a disturbing watch while being deeply impactful.

The chapterised novel-like storytelling technique helps add more sophistication to the film and allows for a much more planned and honed approach. The performances by both the leads are on par with the greatest of actors and the chemistry they share on-screen, which develops throughout the film, is uncannily realistic. Watch it if I haven’t said it enough.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime


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2. Super Deluxe

Director: Thiagarajan Kumararaja

Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s neo-noir is an exemplary work of art. It has a very unique and distinct style of storytelling that follows many different plots that merge together into a singularity. Credits are in order to writers – Mysskin, Nalan Kumarasamy, Neelan K.Sekhar and Kumararaja. The best thing about this movie is its unpredictability and shock value. But then again, the twists weren’t created purely for shock value. There’s meaning and purpose behind them. The camerawork and cinematography are top-notch. So is the execution. The film takes simple everyday life stories and escalates them to an all-new level. The capacity for creativity and the potential for imagination required to pull off something like this is what separates Super Deluxe from the ordinary. The marks of a true and talented filmmaker are all over this one.

Where to Watch: Netflix


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3. To Let

Director: Chezhiyan

ToLet has been shot beautifully and shot with the purpose of showcasing the realities and sorrows of those who suffer silently — the common people who are living within a false sense of security. It’s fragile as a feather. Even a light gust of wind can take it away, just like the symbolic balloon in the trailer. The human life is fleeting and so is its value in today’s world. The film delves into the dark side of humanity. It’s very powerful in its portrayal of the lives of the less fortunate. ToLet nails its point home as it takes you on a journey with a stranded family who are desperately looking for a place to live after being evicted from their house. The premise is simple yet it is made engaging with the help of some wonderful performances and remarkable direction.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime


4. Thadam

Director: Magizh Thirumeni

This investigative suspenseful thriller has a lot going for it. The edgy cinematography stands atop some great acting as we delve deeper and deeper into the detective drama. The plot revolves around a murder for which two lookalikes are suspected and both of them could have been equally guilty or equally innocent. There are not many clues that the movie gives us initially but the final reveals are quite satisfactory. The movie, with its great execution, kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It is definitely worth a watch and also manages to squeeze a very prevalent social issue into the plot.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime


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5. Vellai Pookal

Director: Vivek Elangovan

A great detective movie to say the least. It borrows from a lot of classics by keeping things simple yet complex; by dangling the culprit right in front of your eyes and providing a vast number of red herrings. What I personally appreciated about this movie was that the detective protagonist was not someone with superhuman intelligence or great strength or power but a common man — a retired police officer. The plot that follows is discovered by him and us simultaneously. Thus, he too is led astray often due to the red herrings mentioned earlier.

The acting is superb and so is the execution. It may not be an artistic masterpiece but it is not bad in that regard either. And the final twist is truly a banger. You are never going to expect it and it will hit you in your non-suspecting face with all its might. Vellai Pookal is a well-actualised whodunit thriller.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime


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6. Game Over

Director: Ashwin Saravanan

One of the best thrillers to be released this year, Game Over comes out on top of every aspect as a complete and utterly brilliant film. It deals with the psychological condition of “anniversary reaction” triggered by a post-traumatic stress disorder. Game Over keeps you on the edge with its twists and turns and never lets you go once it holds you hostage with its mystique and suspense. Tapsee Pannu turns in an amazing performance. She has truly outdone herself this time by aptly justifying the fears and the struggles of someone who would have to go through what her character did in the film.

The plot is remarkable and blends very well with modern times. The film is original and quite brave in its approach to video games, using the medium to its full potential. It’s nothing short of a genius creative attempt to redefine thrillers and cinema as a whole.

Where to Watch: Netflix


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7. Sarvam Thaala Mayam

Director: Rajiv Menon

This is a rarely explored genre in Tamil cinema. Sarvam Thaala Mayam is a beautifully realised musical about dreams and passion. A young movie fanatic is the son of a skilled mridangam craftsman. He is sent to deliver the instrument to a famous mridangam player, Vembu Iyer. The musician intrigues him to such an extent that he decides to become a musician himself. The movie is full of moments that will make you smile but this does not undermine the serious tone of the movie. Neither does the serious tone weigh it down with serious subjects. The movie is a perfect harmony.

Where to Watch: Netflix


8. Monster

Director: Nelson Venkatesan

Monster is a crazy, whacky comedy loosely based on the 1997 Hollywood film Mouse Hunt. The Tamil movie has its own culturally appropriate additions which make it more palatable for Indian audiences. The premise is simple. It’s the storytelling that rules here. A man wants to get rid of a rat that is infesting his house. He fails despite repeated attempts. The film keeps you engaged throughout its runtime packed with some twists and turns along the way. And while it entertains, it subtly puts across a significant message.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime


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9. Kanne Kalaimaane

Director: Seenu Ramasamy

With its down-to-earth, rooted and rustic cinematographic style, Kanne Kalaimaane was able to capture my interest from the get-go. Centred around an innocent romance, this movie wonderfully translates the simple yet struggle-ridden lives of the village-folk onto the silver screen. It may not be anything special or innovative but it is quite sincere in its portrayals. One may call it an above-average rural drama with great characters owing to the amazing acting chops of both the leads. Kanne Kalaimaane is definitely worth a watch.

Where to Watch: Hotstar Premium


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10. Viswasam

Director: Siva

An out and out masala entertainer, Viswasam has a lot of cool action scenes and an endearing father-daughter duo. The performances are good and the action is much better. The cinematography is above average. In terms of a story, there’s nothing revolutionary. But it doesn’t disappoint either as it provides ample entertainment with its action sequences and plotlines treaded by age-old rivalries and acts of vengeance. The father-daughter chemistry is one of the best features of this film and the message about allowing freedom to children without burdening them with the desires of the parent is always welcome in a society that fails to often understand this simple concept.

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Where to Watch: Amazon Prime


11. Petta

Director: Karthik Subbaraj

Petta is a complete fan service that has no right to be as good as it actually is. The screen presence of the superstar is nothing to be scoffed at. He completely owns the show with his explosive style and classic Rajini swag. The interconnected and complicated plotlines are an icing on the cake. The performances by the other actors are also quite amazing. The action is breathtaking. The stunt work is phenomenal and the quick action cuts are almost revolutionary. The emotional magnificence of the film is not as pronounced but it is not too bad either.

Where to Watch: Netflix



12. Ayogya

Director: Venkat Mohan

Telugu film Temper’s (which was also remade in Hindi as Simmba) remake Ayogya is about a corrupt cop turning good, not because of some pointless plot but because of a very well-designed and valid chain of events which leads to a very able character development and plotline for our protagonist. The execution may be flawed and the acting may not be perfect but the soul of the movie clearly resonates with the the viewers. The ultimate self-sacrifice stands as a testimony to how seriously the movie is taking itself and in turn the social evil that it is representing on screen.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime


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13. Airaa

Director: KM Sarjun

The plot is complex, compelling and contemporary. The use of supernatural elements is sparse and has not been used irresponsibly like in many other horror movies. Thus, we are often not desensitized to the horror and when the horror kicks in, it kicks you in the gut. Airaa is an artistically beautiful, well-shot horror flick, which is an achievement in itself. The acting is praiseworthy and never falls into the trap of over-emphasizing the emotion of fear. The film has its moments with some plot twists and reveals. The finale reveal left me underwhelmed though. Airaa sends out a message of dwindling moral values among humans and how it affects the society as a whole.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime


14. K.D.

Director: Madhumita

Last, but not the least is a feel-good comedy drama that charms you with its wit, humour and a sparkling chemistry between its leads. K.D. chronicles the journey of an innocent, compassionate 80-year old K.D. (Mu Ramaswamy) trying to escape his family when he finds out they’re out to kill him, and the orphaned, witty and affectionate 8-year old Kutty. A gentle, heartwarming story, with characters that tug at your heart, K.D. is sprinkled with life lessons abound without sermonising. A well-narrated effort, the film boasts of brilliant performances from the leads. My only grouse, it could’ve been a little tighter towards the end. But that doesn’t take away from an otherwise well-made, well-meaning film. One of the best films of 2019, K.D. is your perfect go-to film, particularly, in these trying times. 

Where to Watch: Netflix


There we are! These were some of the best Tamil movies 2019 had to offer. Which were your favourites? How many have you seen? What did we miss?

By Deepjyoti Roy, Mansi Dutta


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